Right now we are featuring:

Original-Rhode-Island-Pizza-ChipsOur “Original” Pizza Chips, exported direct from Rhode Island. 

Try ‘em, we know you’ll love em!  We ship them for free anywhere in the continental US, and for $10 more, anywhere in the world.  (Air freight is a bit pricey)

Now with 7 chips per bag! So instead of 6 for 36 a box gets you 42 chips.  It was supposed to be 6, but you’ve heard of a baker’s dozen?  This is a bakers half-dozen.

We ship them to you frozen, and keep for up to about 2 months frozen, and about 10 days in the fridge.  We’ve heard of people eating them after that, but we don’t recommend it.  We bake ‘em the way our grandparents taught us to bake in Italy, and their list of ingredients didn’t include preservatives we couldn’t pronounce.

retro radioOur radio commercial is live!!

We love the jingle written and performed by our friend Joe. (who ALSO loves our his Pizza chips!)

Give a listen here: Original Italian Bakery Radio Song